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Foundation Strategies and Priorities

The outreach of the Is Able Children's Foundation primarily focuses on communities in Florida area. This website, along with our official Facebook and Twitter profiles, will be updated continuously and will serve as the online forums for anyone who wishes to connect with us.


Our focus is to fulfill the mission every day through a variety of financial support, however, the primary outreach initiatives of the is able foundation are:


  • Therapeutic services

  • Recreational services

  • Dreams do come true


Taking care of a disabled or special needs child can be a challenging task, especially when you have limited resources. This foundation helps disabled children and their families overcome obstacles on the road to independence and reach personal goals. The aim is to remove obstacles that make everyday living extremely difficult and to provide these young people with a renewed sense of dignity, independence, and freedom. “Able to overcome” serves as a resource while providing care through referral services, grants for therapy, medical services and education. We strongly believe that all children and families deserve the opportunity to live productive lives.

Through adaptive sports and with the correct therapy equipment, most children are able to overcome their physical and cognitive disabilities to achieve a life dream of independency. Having the proper equipment gives children a sense of accomplishment, feeling of belonging, and builds confidence in themselves. “Able Sports” will work with families and organizations that will provide adaptive sports, team and therapy equipment for disabled children so that they and their families can experience recreational and physical activities, while fostering character development, productive lives and self-sufficiency.

With so many individuals and families struggling on a day-to-day basis, we realized the importance of families sharing time together. We are dedicated to infusing hope, creating happy memories, and improving the quality of life for children who are experiencing life-altering situations. Our family was fortunate to be a beneficiary of a special wish. We are fully aware of the joy and togetherness that it brings to the special child and their family. “Wish” works to provide wish fulfillment to disabled, disadvantaged, deserving children and families.