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The Is Able Children’s Foundation was born from the life-saving miracle of baby Isabel Diaz: In September 2006 Isabel was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. This condition went undetected and Isabel fell very ill and faced many challenges. With time, doctors finally identified Isabel’s illness. Because of her parents’ dedication and her strong will to survive, Isabel became an inspiration for other families with similar challenges.


A strong support system is an irreplaceable element in helping a child with special needs. When they come together as one, families can maximize all the abilities of the sick child. Unfortunately lack of money and resources can impact the delivery of such support. Isabel’s parents were faced with this struggle too, but helping Isabel became a priority for everyone in their home. Their love and support, and the continuous effort to meet Isabel’s needs made her become stronger day after day. Because of the successes they achieved, Isabel’s parents decided they had to help other families with the challenges of a severely ill child: That’s how the Is Able Children’s Foundation was born.


The Is Able Children’s Foundation focuses on bringing families together to meet some of the needs of their special children. Families are the fabric that holds their children’s world together. Providing resources for medical needs, recreational services and fun time together is the priority of this organization. It is our wish that families benefit from our resources and that they feel supported so they can continue to stay together.